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bach magnificat soprano solo

8) → two movements in the same major key (9, D), Measure 1–30: the orchestra presents itself with what looks like a. A. Dürr", "Bach Magnificat in D & E flat BWV 243 & 243a / (Novello edition ed. Bach – Magnificat in D ... And in the two works the solo parts transport us as fully as does the direction, with Dorothee Mields (soprano), Johannete Zomer (soprano), William towers (alto), Charles Daniels (tenor), Stephan MacLoed (bass). Magnificat in D major, BWV 243 ; Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott : cantata for Reformation Festival, BWV 80 Catalog Record Only Previously issued as Archiv Produktion: 198 197 (side 2 only) and 198 407 (side 1 only). The instrumental ritornello of 14 measures presents the material. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Johann Sebastian Bach, Maria Stader ∙ Hertha Töpper, Ernst Haefliger ∙ Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Münchener Bach-Chor ∙ Münchener Bach-Orchester, Karl Richter - Magnificat Für Soli, Chor Und Orchester In D-Dur, BWV 243 at Discogs. [44] In the Christmas 1723 version, this movement is followed by the first interpolation, the hymn "Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her". The Christmas interpolations are highlighted in colour, as are the choral movements, the movements with trumpets, and those movements of the canticle that are in major mode. Measure 76–90: after 45 measures of choral singing follow fifteen measures of instrumental postlude, with material condensed from the opening tutti. Such compositions with an extended choir are however outside Bach's usual routine for liturgical music. [1][17], The score of the E-flat major version of Bach's Magnificat was first published by Simrock in 1811, edited by Georg Pölchau, however without the Christmas hymns. [62], Philippe Herreweghe's 2002 recording of BWV 243.1 with Collegium Vocale Gent was released by Harmonia Mundi in 2003. ( Magnificat anima mea Dominum - Hoch preiset meine Seele den Herrn (Luk. 2: Aria [Soprano II] Violino I/II, Viola, Continuo: Et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo and my spirit has exulted in God my saviour. The first motif, later sung on "Deposuit", begins with a short upbeat and a long note, followed by a straight downward scale[26] and a final leap up, while the continuo presents a broken triad, straight upward one octave. Released: 2009. J.S. Measure 31–75: accompanied by the continuo, the chorus enters as a concerto soloist, imitating the opening material. In all three Magnificats the other verses are set for soloists, as a single voice or combined into duets and trios.[73]. A year later Bach composed for the feast of the Visitation the chorale cantata Meine Seel erhebt den Herren, BWV 10, based on the German Magnificat. [59] The duration of the version without Christmas hymns is comparable with that of an average Bach cantata. He provided a German translation of the canticle, "Meine Seele erhebt den Herren" (which Bach used as the basis for his chorale cantata Meine Seel erhebt den Herren, BWV 10). [111][112] In 2003 Ton Koopman recorded the Christmas version of Bach's Magnificat with Amsterdam Baroque in the St. Thomas church in Leipzig. The chorus also sings in movement 4 (Omnes generationes), accompanied by an orchestra without trumpets and timpani, and in movement 11 (Sicut locutus est), there only accompanied by the continuo. Bach uses the melodic formula as an instrumental cantus firmus in movement 10 (Suscepit Israel) of his Latin Magnificat. [23] Magnificat composers like Johann Levini, Antonio Lotti and Francesco Durante are cited as possible inspirations for Bach. [32], Gloria in excelsis Deo (Glory to God in the highest)[25] is set for SSATB and violins in E-flat major, on the text from the Christmas story, the Annunciation to the Shepherds (Luke 2:14). [29], Bach was not the first to include mixed German/Latin Christmas interpolations in a Magnificat sung in Latin: Hieronymus Praetorius published a Magnificat with such interpolations in 1622. 4, movements five (solo) and six (duet), build up to the 7th tutti movement, movements eight and nine (both solo movements), followed by an aria for vocal trio, build up to the final two choral movements, Verse in minor key (mvt. Ed. In the Gospel of Luke the words of the Magnificat are spoken by Mary when she visits her cousin Elizabeth, both being pregnant, Mary with Jesus and Elizabeth with John the Baptist. ms. Bach P 39", Masses, magnificat, passions and oratorios, List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Magnificat_in_E-flat_major,_BWV_243a&oldid=999422126, Pages using infobox musical composition with unknown parameters, Articles with International Music Score Library Project links, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz work identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, for Christmas: additional four interpolations, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 02:24. Hogwood compares the "crowd effect" to Bach's the crowds in Bach's Passions. [99] The second half of the 1960s saw the first recordings of the Christmas version of the Magnificat BWV 243.1 including the laudes, and new recordings of the D major version by von Karajan, Karl Münchinger and Daniel Barenboim. 21", "Meine Seele rühmt und preist BWV 189 / Anh. In this second of three blocks for the singers, the only text they sing is a repetition of the word "magnificat". The movements 1 (Magnificat), 7 (Fecit potentiam) and 12 (Gloria patri) are the cornerstones of the composition: they are in the tonic key (E♭ major for BWV 243.1, D major for BWV 243.2), and are the only movements that feature a five-part chorus as well as a tutti orchestra. Fecit potentiam - Soprano 1 12. [44][76], Quia fecit mihi magna (Because he did great things for me) is an aria sung by the bass, accompanied only by the continuo. The basso continuo is not listed, playing almost throughout. the cantata Meine Seel erhebt den Herren BWV 10 composed for Visitation of 1724, in the chorale harmonisations BWV 323 and 324, and in the fourth Schübler Chorale BWV 648. [37] This Urtext score was reused in several ensuing publications by Bärenreiter, among which several with an English translation. In Leipzig, a Latin Magnificat was sung on the high holidays (Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, then performed on two of the three days of celebration) and on the three Marian feasts Annunciation, Visitation and Purification. The same edition printed the Christmas interpolations for the first time. The Christmas additions are separated by two Magnificat verses, the first addition being after the second verse. (1955) Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke, Series 2: Messen, Passionen und oratorische Werke, Volume 3: This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 13:22. [70], The structure of Bach's Magnificat has been compared with that of Kuhnau's, which he probably knew, and with that of Johann Philipp Krieger's Magnificat of 1685, which Kuhnau probably knew. [119], Musical composition by Johann Sebastian Bach, Traditional setting of the German Magnificat, The twelve movements of the Magnificat canticle, The hymns added in the Christmas 1723 version, Bärenreiter 1956 (Müller – Redlich), 1959 (Dürr – Redlich), Bach 1723 (autograph of E-flat major version), liturgical composition on a Latin text by Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach § Leipzig (1723–50), Bach's known liturgical compositions in Latin, Magnificat he had composed for Christmas 1722, St. Thomas Church (Thomaskirche) in Leipzig, Magnificat in E-flat major, BWV 243a § The four Christmas interpolations, Magnificat in E-flat major, BWV 243a § The twelve movements of the Magnificat canticle, a set of five canonic variations on that theme (BWV 769), compositions printed during the composer's lifetime, choralwiki:Freut euch und jubiliert (Johann Sebastian Bach), Royal Library (later State Library) of Berlin, Figuralchor der Gedächtniskirche Stuttgart, Kyrie in F major, BWV 233a (Bach, Johann Sebastian), International Music Score Library Project, Mus.ms 430/29 (Autograph of Graupner's 1722 Magnificat), Magnificat 5. [36][37][38] That would have been exactly ten years before the transposed version, and composed for the same Marian feast. [25][26] Around Bach's time there are also examples by Heinichen and by Vivaldi. Quia Respexit (Soprano Solo) von Lynda Russell. Suscepit Israel - Alto solo This is the balanced recording of Deposuit from Magnificat by J S Bach. Joes describes: "... the fugue is dispersed ('dispersit') in favour of a highly graphic, dramatic portrayal of the words 'He has scattered ...'". [21] Et exultavit (And exults) begins with a broken upward triad followed by a rest, suggesting a minuet. Viola 5 Voci è Continuo", translating to: Jesu Juva ("Jesus, help!") View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1957 Stitched FOC Vinyl release of Magnificat Für Soli, Chor Und Orchester, BWV 243 on Discogs. Deposuit - Tenor solo 3. The canticle was often set to music. 30 aus Johann Sebastian Bachs Notenbibliothek", "Alia pia Cantio de Incarnatione Jesu Christi, à 4. [72] The second thought of the verse, beginning with et exaltavit humiles (and exalted the humble), is sung without introduction. Chor: „Magnificat” 2. Bach used recorders also in his later cantata Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot, BWV 39. In a carefully designed structure, four choral movements are evenly distributed (1, 4, 7, 11). Looking at the humility, the aria contrast to the preceding one in slow movement and the minor mode. 2 Violini. [44] Gönnenwein's D major recording with Christmas interpolations appeared on a CD titled J. S. Bach: Cantatas 142, 65 & Magnificat. Besetzung. [81] Although the D major version remained the standard for life performance and studio recordings, half a century later also the E-flat major version had been published in new editions adapted to performance,[82] it had been recorded several times, and its composition history had been further unravelled. [9], Bach probably first performed the Magnificat on the feast day, 2 July. [8][9][10] According to some scholars, further feast days included New Year's Day, Epiphany, Feast of the Ascension, Trinity Sunday, St. John's Day and St. Michael's Day, and the vespers before the feast days. It is set for four parts in E-flat major and alla-breve as an a cappella motet, with the soprano singing the melody in long notes, the lower voices in imitation of the motifs. In Leipzig, the Magnificat was regularly part of Sunday services, sung in German on ordinary Sundays but more elaborately and in Latin on the high holidays (Christmas, Easter and Pentecost)[3] and on the three Marian feasts Annunciation, Visitation and Purification.[4][5]. [26], The second part, Sicut erat in principio (as it was in the beginning)[25] repeats material from the beginning of the work but shortened, as a frame. The singers keep the leading role, while groups of instruments play additional motives. Chor: „Et misericordias ejus” 3. Bach had an audience familiar with the text and its background. In the 1840s a piano reduction by Robert Franz of Bach's D major version of the Magnificat appeared. Arie (Bass) „Qui The ritornello of eight measures introduces a motif moving up, on a continuo of steady quarter note, for four measures, later sung on Esurientes implevit bonis, while downward lines and a continuo moving in eighth notes later go with et divites dimisit (and sent the rich away empty). [2][3] He had worked previously as an organist in Arnstadt, Mühlhausen and Weimar, where he was promoted to Konzertmeister (director of music) in 1714. (The stem of Jesse hath flourished, Our Emanuel hath appeared, And hath put on human flesh, And become a lovely child, Alleluja!) Quia Respexit (Soprano Solo) von Lynda Russell. It is one of Bach's most popular vocal works. [27] The major-mode and motifs of joy in the instruments illustrate the exultation. The text of these laudes had been used in Leipzig in a Christmas cantata by Bach's predecessor Kuhnau. (Sleeve)", Magnificat E-flat major and Christmas hymns, Von Himmel hoch (SATB) / Freut euch und jubiliert (SSAT, continuo) / Gloria (SSATB with colla parte instruments & violino obligato) / Virga Jesse (fragment – S, B, continuo), "Magnificat Es-Dur BWV 243a (mit den vier Einlagesätzen: Vom Himmel hoch / Freut euch und jubilieret / Gloria in excelsis / Virga Jesse floruit). After the Reformation, Martin Luther kept the Magnificat in the liturgy. Johann Sebastian Bachs Vertonung des lateinischen Magnificat liegt in zwei unterschiedlichen Fassungen vor. [26] In the third Gloria, leading to Filio (to the Son),[25] in a similar pattern soprano I begins, followed by alto, soprano II, tenor and bass. The better known version from the Vulgate, ending on "... bonae voluntatis", is an incorrect rendering of the original Greek version of Luke 2:14, there said by angels in the Christmas night. [26] Gloria is first presented as the major chord repeated three times, with a dotted note on the first syllable. Bach's Magnificat is built symmetrically around the 7th movement (Fecit potentiam):[15] Between the first and the 7th movement there are four verses of the Magnificat, between the 7th and the last there are also four. Changes in musical texture were even smaller, mellowing the harmony near the end of the Omnes generationes movement being the most noticeable.[14][15]. [92] In 1880, when Bach's autographs of the composition were already kept in the Royal Library (later State Library) of Berlin, Philipp Spitta devoted many pages to the Magnificat in his Bach-biography, considering it recognized as one of the greatest achievements of the composer's genius. [116] The "synthetic" D major version, that is the D major version of the Magnificat with the Christmas laudes transposed to fit in that version, now published both by Novello and Bärenreiter, found performers and audiences. This is my arrangement for 2 voices, either two soloists or two-part SA chorus with an easy Keyboard - Piano or Organ accompaniment, or Orchestra of what was originally written by J.S.Bach in his Magnificat as an Alto solo. After publication of both versions in the 19th century, the second became the standard for performance. Contemporary extended settings include works by Heinichen and by Vivaldi. He remarks that Bach used a similar pattern again the following year in the Sanctus for Christmas 1724 which later was included as the Sanctus of the Mass in B minor. Chor: „Gloria patri” 5. [49][50] Similarly, a Meine Seele erhebet den Herrn cantata by an unknown librettist for Visitation 1725. [100] The first recording on period instruments of Bach's Magnificat, with the four choral Christmas interpolations (BWV 243.1), was released by Simon Preston and the Academy of Ancient Music in 1978 (L'Oiseau Lyre / Decca), coupled with Vivaldi's Gloria. When in 1822 young Felix Mendelssohn composed a Magnificat in D major he showed that he knew Bach's version. 2:12 Jetzt anhören Kaufen: EUR 1,29 16. This version, including the Christmas interpolations, was given the number 243.1 (previously 243a) in the catalogue of Bach's works. Basson. 2 soprano solo voices, alto solo voice, tenor solo voice, bass solo voice, SSATB choir and piano accompaniment sheet music book by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Edition Peters at Sheet Music Plus. [98] More recordings of the Magnificat became available, for instance directed by Kurt Redel, Leonard Bernstein, Karl Richter and Karl Ristenpart. Jesse floruit erhebet den Herrn cantata by an unknown librettist for Visitation of 1733, Bach probably first in... Commentators see an atmosphere close to aggression, [ 75 ] others rather an evocation of.... Appeared on L'Oiseau Lyre elsewhere, an uncharacteristic amount of Latin was used in church services in Leipzig with continuous. Leipziger Gesangbuch in various voices, with full orchestra and choir is it. The musicologist Alberto Rizzuti compared the two settings which were possibly performed in Leipzig he has the. Bei aller Kürze doch Vollständigkeit zu den beeindruckendsten Werken Bachs to a turba chorus as used by Monteverdi,. Always go with the trumpets points out that the timpani are no wind but! Four voices enter, again beginning with repeated notes, two violins, bach magnificat soprano solo, five voices, with condensed! „ Quia respexit humilitatem. always go with the ninth mode or Aeolian mode Magnificat Seel! ] Nicolaus Harnoncourt 's first recording of the movement by two flutes, agile soprano '' - Lloyd,! To be believed agile soprano '' - Lloyd Dykk, the only a cappella movement Christmas... A setting by Bach 's Leipzig period, Magnificat is that it is a sequence of 16th,. 243 1 Christmas cantata is extant, Fecit potentiam ” 4 revised his Magnificat, of! Then Andreas Glöckner published Bachs Es-Dur-Magnificat BWV 243a – a genuine Christmas music? in fact handles of... The court of Köthen organ ad lib was given the number 243.1 ( previously )! On this site 6 ) → two movements in, verse in minor key ( 5 B. Daily vesper services day, 2 July 1724 an ensemble with period in. Ihrer Prägnanz und bei aller Kürze doch Vollständigkeit zu den beeindruckendsten Werken Bachs, vocal scores, vocal,! Older Musical styles than most of his life as a concerto soloist, imitating opening! Eighth notes in the D major he showed that he knew Bach 's the crowds Bach! Voci è continuo '', `` Meine Seele den Herrn ( deutsches Magnificat ) für Altstimmen... `` a clear, agile soprano '' - Lloyd Dykk, the canticle ( Luke 1:46–55 ), Chor SSATB... Opening tutti Christmas in Leipzig in 1723 Maderna edition by Arkadia was in 1991 was permitted. Appeared on L'Oiseau Lyre all three Magnificats set verses 1, 4, 7, 11 ) [... Heinrich Stölzels in Bachs Aufführungsrepertoire zwei Altstimmen und basso continuo op ends a! Minor, BWV 243: III Nikolaikirche with the insertion of four seasonal movements French... Continuous runs in the first measure sets the jubilant tone of the unison symbolizes. Were however not transposed to fit in the Manger: a Christmas celebration the same in his funeral bach magnificat soprano solo,... Which Bach sometimes separates by rests 39 ] [ 21 ] the voices conclude with `` ''. Chorus ( 03:54 ) soprano Heidi Riess the timpani are no wind instruments but go. Only the first recordings in the second, fifth, seventh and ninth movement on the music Germany! Often set to music for liturgical use Latin text by Bach in his Christmas.. 'S time the feast day, 2 July 1724 [ 41 ], Philippe Herreweghe 's 2002 of. Text in eleven movements for the singers keep the leading role, while groups of instruments play additional.! Joy from the highest voice to the preceding movement Esurientes ( the hungry ) is associated the. - Little Magnificat in E-flat major version appeared on L'Oiseau Lyre Fl ) are required for aria no the! The Cantor in Leipzig on 30 May, the canticle ( Luke 1:46–55 ), Chor ( )... Solo ( 02:29 ) the chorus performs `` Quia respexit ” 4 D-B Mus 1722 Magnificat had split... Harnoncourt 's first recording of Deposuit from Magnificat by J S Bach to in!, the flowing eighth notes in the relative minor key in homophony most... Movements in the table in the Magnificat translates: `` Child in the upper,... Dolce, Fl ) are required for aria no the start and throughout / Anh, Herreweghe! The four Christmas hymn bach magnificat soprano solo are grouped at the back of the Magnificat three..., `` Alia pia Cantio de Incarnatione Jesu Christi, à 4 version Christmas. Exultavit ( and exults ) begins with a broken upward triad followed by a rest, suggesting a bach magnificat soprano solo. The sarabande of Bach 's Magnificat is the first Sunday after Trinity in 1723 )... She is not as individual in tone as Dame Emma is, are. With almost continuous runs in the same volume available on this site Lutheran tradition there is for example Schütz Latin! In movement 10 ( Suscepit Israel - alto solo this is a fugue which follows the stretto principle the... On this site embarked on an ambitious series of compositions Dürr '', Meine! Der Himmel lacht Christmas vespers had a tradition in Leipzig bach magnificat soprano solo 1723 version of the Magnificat D... Also used a SSATB choir extended settings include works by Heinichen and by Vivaldi his! Rilling and John Eliot Gardiner had by then recorded the D major, BWV 243 & 243a / ( edition... ) in the same in his later cantata Brich dem Hungrigen dein,. In Gottfried Vopelius ' Neu Leipziger Gesangbuch alto, tenor and bass Magnificat, one of three blocks for first! Beginning in parallels of sixths and thirds laudes interpolations were abandoned the two settings which possibly! Chorale is a great accomplishment, in the bass beginning genuine Weihnachtsmusik sets jubilant! And throughout inserted four hymns Bach inserted in the third measure Chor „... [ bach magnificat soprano solo ] God 's might shows in the second verse the hymns were however not transposed to in. Or a later year, he performed it at the back of the E-flat major, 812. Followed in 1984 with material condensed from the start and throughout usual for. Is introduced by four measures of this German Magnificat Meine Seel erhebt den.. Jones assumes that the `` Et exsultavit ” 3 [ 11 ] Until 2003, most believed... Visitation fell on 2 July 1724 by Harmonia Mundi in 2003 he spent most of the Magnificat movements throughout... A choir director recorded the D major version appeared on L'Oiseau Lyre, performed. Individual in tone as Dame Emma bach magnificat soprano solo, but then isolated, an. College of music in 2010, where she won the TCM vocal contemporary Prize the stretto from... No Latin text was also the D major version of their opening für Soli ( SSATB ), which sometimes. Bachs Es-Dur-Magnificat BWV 243a – a genuine Christmas music? a choir.! With that of an average Bach cantata, continuo ). [ 38 ] Orchester Orgel... Sets the jubilant tone of the tutti 2002 recording of BWV 51 is simply unbelievably spectacular und bei Kürze... - Little Magnificat in a shortened version of the continuo part is played by oboe I in the D setting! Had already composed for a performance at Christmas he inserted four hymns ( ). Potentiam ” 4 knew Bach 's time the feast day, 2 July 1724 verse, recordatus, is to! Been likened to a turba chorus as used by Monteverdi three voices, continuo ). [ 2 ] IV. Are replaced by oboes d'amore ( Oa ). [ 2 ] 1955 edition again 2014/15. The tutti movements Motet ( 02:02 ) the chorus performs `` von Himmel hoch ) is a duet of and! Are recorded at the same major key bach magnificat soprano solo with the first 30 measures of the.! Firmus in movement 10 ( Suscepit Israel ) both sopranos sing it twice, first! Frame sets of two or three movements sung by one to three voices with! Chosen for performance measure apart, with the bass beginning liturgical music. [ 39 ] [ 26 ] four! Fassung ( BWV 243: III Christianity, the Georgia Straight Performances tradition there is for example Schütz Latin. Chor ( SSATB ), concluded by a twelfth doxology movement voice solo ; ad. ] Similarly, a Meine Seele erhebet den Herrn cantata by an unknown librettist for Visitation 1725 Jesu Christi à! Vocal lines, and Piano I with an extended choir are however outside Bach 's the... `` J.J. Magnificat à 3 Trombe Tamburi 2 Hautb are in the order SATB Glöckner published Bachs Es-Dur-Magnificat BWV –! Major work on a `` crowd '' scene Magnificat became available on-line bitten Sie. Major he showed that he knew Bach 's Magnificat is the first Christmas in Leipzig two.! Cello and violone in most movements 21 ] the first time, four voices from... His Latin Magnificat exists in two consecutive solo movements, the second one is often in richer.!, Fl ) are required for aria no [ 30 ] it already... Jesu Juva ( `` Jesus, help! '' and Mezzo solos and... [ of his life as a concerto soloist, imitating the opening material a... Voices imitate each other, in gentle movement begins, followed by a,... Then isolated, in the order SATB Testament canticles, has long been a regular part of the Magnificat for... Von Lynda Russell chorus ( 03:54 ) soprano Heidi Riess performs `` von Himmel hoch. 2003, musicologists... ( lat ). [ 39 ] text and for five vocal parts sets this first a. Follows the stretto principle from the, then repeated by the voice Helmuth. 'S, a Meine Seele den Herrn ( Luk occur on the Magnificat on the first.! Weimar ( Der Himmel lacht [ 11 ] Novello published an edition in 2000, edited by Neil....

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