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enies lobby recap episodes

But Zoro expresses that Kaku's skills are not enough to defeat him. "Resounding Bad News! Lottery Ruckus! "A Bond of Friendship Woven by Tears! Chopper quickly realizes that he cannot break through Kumadori's body-hardening technique without the effect of his Rumble Ball drug. While in Iceburg's office, Iceburg and Franky are shown having a conversation where Iceburg reveals that he plans to turn Water 7 into a ship and float it out to sea. My Cola is the Water of Life! Dr. Usodabada constructs a plan to bring down Chopper Man while collecting fame for himself and a new crew to replace his non helpful duo: Sanjilops and Zorogilla. With a little help from Lil, the two stolen flags are finally recovered, and the crew manages to get it back on the ship before Luffy returns. And the issue has gotten even worse with more than canon episodes than chapters covered since Dressrosa. Elsewhere, Brindo and Canpacino are forced to cease their fight with Luffy when they received a call of their father being in a bad mode. Usopp starts using a larger staff/slingshot called the Kabuto. Popular anime One Piece is known for its well-written arcs. Moderator of r/OnePiece Archived. Luffy and Lucci take their fight to the next floor above the sea level to resume their fight with the latter having the greater advantage after Luffy's Second Gear ended. “Ever since Enies Lobby and she realized she was worthy of love,” she said. Third Gear Activated!". "Fierce Sword Attacks! Meahwhile, having spend his time practicing scenarios to rejoin the Straw Hats, Usopp first attempt fails. Afterwards, after he and others encourage him to get strong enough to capture them, Coby takes his leave while telling Luffy that he will meet him again in the New World. Spandam, when he realizes that Luffy doesn't care about making enemies with the World Government if it means protecting his friends. "Sanji's Shock! The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. But Kumadori uses his Life Return ability to digest the eaten food and regain his usual figure, explaining the ability to a fascinated Chopper before they resume their fight. However, after Franky returns to the Shark Submarine, the freezing pucks froze the sub solid as Hockera proceeds to take his captives to Lovely Land. Robin attempts to run towards the other side the bridge before Franky saves her from being shot by the marines, freeing her from sea stone handcuffs to vent out her rage on Spandam. Sodom and Gomorrah have been patched up as well. Meanwhile, Puzzle defeats Canpacino, the rest of the Straw Hats search for their flag, and Robin and Lil reconcile with one another. "A Mysterious Mermaid Appears? One Piece is an ongoing anime series that started in 1999. It was only after Usopp realizes his faults and begs for forgiveness that a tearful Luffy reaches out and pulls him aboard. Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace! Watch Episodes 284-290 - Enies Lobby Arc (Continuation, Straw Hats vs. CP9) Optional Filler Episodes 291-292 - Boss Luffy Historical Special The Disillusioned Pirate, Puzzle!". Luffy let them in and Chopper heals them one by one, eventually the cabin boy Jiro touches his own left-arm and remembers something that makes him beg Chopper's help "please come, there's in our board someone that really needs your help" boy said. Mysterious Old Man and His Super Yummy Cooking! Franky Departs!". The filler episodes you can skip are 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336. "Demon God Zoro! But at the last second, an explosive projectile hits the back of Spandam's head. Midway, as the city populace are horrified by the streaking Franky chasing after them, Luffy helps the Franky Family with the keep-away before Sanji and Zoro seize Franky and shove him into the Franky Family's shoot-anything-cannon, and have him shot in front of the new ship. Despite scolding him for being too easy, Nami decides to take over and fight Kalifa while leaving Sanji in Chopper's care. This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 00:53. Chopper's Monster Point is also revealed to be very taxing for him to maintain, which doesn't help. Nami Strikes Back With Mirages!". The One Piece franchise has spawned thirteen television specials that aired on Fuji TV.Of these specials, the first four, as well as the sixth, eighth, ninth and eleventh are original stories created by the anime staff with the exception of the fifth, seventh, tenth, twelfth and thirteenth specials, which are alternate re-tellings of certain story arcs. On the main road, the giants have defeated the Law's Watch Dog Unit, and with Usopp and the Galley-La foremen are heading for the plaza. Regardless of the risk as he already used one to save Nami and should not take another for six hours, Chopper uses a second Rumble Ball. Sanji and Chopper!". Episodes - Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The fight starts even, but Blueno becomes a glorified punching bag when Luffy activates Gear Second. On the other side of the island, when Franky refuses to leave, Franky's men literally take matters into their own hands: they steal Franky's beloved jammer-style swimsuit and attempt to lure him to the Straw Hats by passing it back and forth to each other. One Piece The first chapter of the One Piece manga hit store shelves on Aug. 24, 1997 in the weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Iceberg proceeds to tell the Straw Hats that they might have to take desperate matters to force him to join their crew. After Nami realizes his opponent was Kalifa, Sanji admits to have done his best in trying to get her key but could not bring himself to harm a woman. This breaks Franky's heart to hear his gang have been slaughtered as he yells for Luffy that he better not get himself killed. The marines are about to pour in as the giants arrive and assume control of the position. "Mansion of Great Chaos! ", Two days later after returning to Water 7, Franky learns of Iceberg's plan to make the city into a ship in response of Aqua Laguna's intensity before learning that "the item" he ordered has arrived. But Nami's outlook changes for the best when her orange trees and the Straw Hats' other lost possessions are returned to them. But the joyful moment is short lived when a marine platoon under Vice-Admiral, "The Strongest Family? "The Red Hot Decisive Battle! As a sign of solidarity with Robin, the Straw Hat crew declares war on the entire planet. With the Buster Call underway, the CP9 operatives decide to end their respective matches quickly while Luffy begins his fight against Lucci. Kaku and Jabra Transform! By that time, Luffy makes it to Doberman's ship and proceeds to fight Lucci as Vice Admiral Onigumo orders the ships to redirect their cannons to the gradually damaged vessel. It's gotten very bad. Studying in the world's greatest library, the Tree of Omniscience, in the hopes of being allowed to help the local archeologists in their forbidden research, Robin earns the rank of a scholar in archaeology at age eight. Then I actually watched the last few episodes of the arc, where, you know, THE ACTUALLY RELEVANT STUFF HAPPENS. As Consciousness Fades Away...". ロビー篇 Piece.21", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.23 2006年 5月29日(月) ~ 6月4日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.24 2006年 6月5日(月) ~ 6月11日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.25 2006年 6月12日(月) ~ 6月18日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.26 2006年 6月19日(月) ~ 6月25日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.27 2006年 6月26日(月) ~ 7月2日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.28 2006年 7月3日(月) ~ 7月9日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.30 2006年 7月17日(月) ~ 7月23日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.31 2006年 7/24(月) ~ 7/30(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.32 2006年 7/31(月) ~ 8/6(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.33 2006年 8/7(月) ~ 8/13(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.37 2006年 9/4(月) ~ 9/10(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.39 2006年 9/18(月) ~ 9/24(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.40 2006年 9/25(月) ~ 10/1(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.41 2006年 10/2(月) ~ 10/8(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.42 2006年 10/9(月) ~ 10/15(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.43 2006年 10/16(月) ~ 10/22(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.44 2006年 10/23(月) ~ 10/29(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.45 2006年 10/30(月) ~ 11/5(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.46 2006年 11/6(月) ~ 11/12(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.47 2006年 11/13(月) ~ 11/19(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.48 2006年 11/20(月) ~ 11/26(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.49 2006年 11/27(月) ~ 12/3(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.50 2006年 12/4(月) ~ 12/10(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.51 2006年 12/11(月) ~ 12/17(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.52 2006年 12/18(月) ~ 12/24(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.1 2007年 1月1日(月) ~ 1月7日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.2 2007年 1月8日(月) ~ 1月14日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.3 2007年 1月15日(月) ~ 1月21日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.4 2007年 1月22日(月) ~ 1月28日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.5 2007年 1月29日(月) ~ 2月4日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.6 2007年 2月5日(月) ~ 2月11日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.8 2007年 2月19日(月) ~ 2月25日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.9 2007年 2月26日(月) ~ 3月4日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.10 2007年 3月5日(月) ~ 3月11日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.11 2007年 3月12日(月) ~ 3月18日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.12 2007年 3月19日(月) ~ 3月25日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.13 2007年 3月26日(月) ~ 4月1日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.14 2007年 4月2日(月) ~ 4月8日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.15 2007年 4月9日(月) ~ 4月15日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.16 2007年 4月16日(月) ~ 4月22日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.17 2007年 4月23日(月) ~ 4月29日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.18 2007年 4月30日(月) ~ 5月6日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.19 2007年 5月7日(月) ~ 5月13日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.20 2007年 5月14日(月) ~ 5月20日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.21 2007年 5月21日(月) ~ 5月27日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.22 2007年 5月28日(月) ~ 6月3日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.23 2007年 6月4日(月) ~ 6月10日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.24 2007年 6月11日(月) ~ 6月17日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.25 2007年 6月18日(月) ~ 6月24日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.26 2007年 6月25日(月) ~ 7月1日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.27 2007年 7月2日(月) ~ 7月8日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.28 2007年 7月9日(月) ~ 7月15日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.29 2007年 7月16日(月) ~ 7月22日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.33 2007年 8月13日(月) ~ 8月19日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.34 2007年 8月20日(月) ~ 8月26日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.35 2007年 8月27日(月) ~ 9月2日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.36 2007年 9月3日(月) ~ 9月9日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.37 2007年 9月10日(月) ~ 9月16日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.38 2007年 9月17日(月) ~ 9月23日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.41 2007年 10月8日(月) ~ 10月14日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.42 2007年 10月15日(月) ~ 10月21日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.43 2007年 10月22日(月) ~ 10月28日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.44 2007年 10月29日(月) ~ 11月4日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.45 2007年 11月5日(月) ~ 11月11日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.46 2007年 11月12日(月) ~ 11月18日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.47 2007年 11月19日(月) ~ 11月25日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.48 2007年 11月26日(月) ~ 12月2日(日)", "種目別高世帯視聴率番組10 Vol.49 2007年 12月3日(月) ~ 12月9日(日)", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.01", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.02", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.03", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.04", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.05", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.06", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.07", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.08", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.09", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.10", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.11", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.12", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.13", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.14", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.15", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.16", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.17", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.18", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.19", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.20", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン エニエス・ロビー篇 piece.21", "ONE PIECE ワンピース 9THシーズン特別篇「麦わら劇場&麦わら海賊譚」", "One Piece Season 5 DVD Part 1 (Hyb) Uncut", "One Piece Season 5 DVD Part 2 (Hyb) Uncut", https://www.amazon.com/One-Piece-Collection-Colleen-Clinkenbeard/dp/B00OLIIFOA/, "One Piece (Uncut) Collection 11 (Episodes 253-275)", https://www.amazon.com/One-Piece-Collection-Colleen-Clinkebeard/dp/B00SHEOXJ0/, https://www.amazon.com/One-Piece-Artist-Not-Provided/dp/B00WFDJ5WO/, https://www.amazon.com/One-Piece-Artist-Not-Provided/dp/B0146628UI/, "One Piece (Uncut) Treasure Chest Collection 3 - DVD", "One Piece (Uncut) Treasure Chest Collection 4 - DVD", "One Piece Voyage Collection 6 (Episodes 253-299) - DVD", "One Piece Voyage Collection 7 (Episodes 300-348) - DVD", The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta. In the underground passage, the drowning group of Nami, Zoro, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, Chimeney, and Gonbe are about to lose hope when they are saved by a mermaid: revealed to be Kokoro. Lucci's defeat is soon made public with a grinning Luffy collapsing to the floor. When Zoro attempts to reclaim the Straw Hats' flag, he provoked Don Accino as he reveals the power of the Heat Heat Fruit: the ability to melt anything within his aura of heat. ... Robin tells him that she used to feel similarly, until the Straw Hats came to save her at Enies Lobby, and she had finally found her place. But Sanji sees through the trick and kicks Jabra before getting the key as he eventually overwhelmed by Jabra going all out by revealing he is the only CP9 operative who can move after using the Iron Body skill. "Sunny in a Pinch! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. But having been restored to normal after being exposed to the water in Kalifa's bathtub, Sanji steps in to deal with Jabra while explaining the current situation and telling Usopp to find and save Robin. Things seem hopeless until Usopp once more hears a voice calling out for him and the rest of the Straw Hats to jump into the ocean. Partially subverted. Her aunt, with whom she lives while her mother is away doing research, treats her poorly. But taking Iceberg's suggestion to heart, Robin uses her Devil Fruit powers to literally grab Franky by the testicles and threatening to crush them if he continues to refuse. "Boss Luffy Returns! CP9! 279-283 -- Enies Lobby Straw Hat Crew Recap 291-292 -- Special Historical Arc 303 -- Special Historical Arc 317-319 -- Post Enies Lobby filler 326-335 -- Ice Hunter Arc (Recommended as it explains the "Soldier Dock" system) 336 -- Chopper Man Special 382-384 -- Spa Island Arc 406-407 -- Special Historical Arc

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