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jennifer mckinney rate my professor

Yes there is a big research paper but it isn't that bad. Tough grader Get ready to read Gives good feedback Skip class? I'm Professor McKinneySubmit a Correction. I would reccomend her to any and everyone!! … Rate Professor McKinney. Rate my teacher quality review promotes effective teaching, and learning.We believe each child is capable of academic excellence through effective teaching, in a supportive environment that may lead to careers and life as productive adults. She is incredibly accessible for both office hours and the feedback she gives on assignments. mike nielsen, 52 … She is incredibly smart & passionate; lectures are very interesting!There are weekly reading assignments & reflections (7 go towards your grade, 100 pages/week), a midterm & a final (both are short answers & about four essays, no multiple choice)- tough grader, but extremely helpful!!! It also publishes learning resources, videos, and helpful links. She is very detailed.46. I loved McKinney. This professor has taught: BMGT380, BMGT496, BUSI764. View Actual Score & Full Reputation Profile. Her teaching comes almost directly from a Word outline she projects on the board. Summary: Jennifer Tastad is 43 years old and was born on 09/22/1977. I would avoid taking her class altogether. She was patient and very interested in our success and making sure we knew … You won't pass. I am the assistant professor of nonprofit leadership and management at the University of Florida. Ryerson professors read their Rate My Professor reviews. Fall 2014 Schedule. She reads straight off the slides. About Dr. Jennifer M. Johnson is an Assistant Professor in the Higher Education Program at Temple University. across 4 classes. Carin Klock McKinney lives in Oak Park, IL; … the only thing better than coffee in the morning is dr. mckinney. She wants to be there just as much as the students sometimes... She is a good professor, it is hard to give a good description because the class has over 150 people so there is not much contact with her. Accessible outside class Participation matters EXTRA CREDIT. She assigned the first writing assignment and was mad no one did it the way she wanted. Pick and rate my professors. I had her at 8 in the morning, she made the class interesting and fun. In addition to my academic background, I have spent more than 15 years working in, consulting with, and volunteering for nonprofit organizations. Jennifer Torres Aviation Professor at Lynn University Boca Raton, Florida Higher Education 1 person has recommended Jennifer. Since no one wrote the way she wanted we all got poor grades without a curve for the first writing. Overall rating. Education: Ph.D., The University of Pittsburgh. My favorite things to do include working on my novel to one day top The New York Times Best Seller's List and telling stories of my travels. Professor McKinney is a good professor when it comes to explanation. Matthew McKinney at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, Texas has taught: ENGL 210 - Technical Business Writing, ENGL 320 - Technical And Prof Editing, ENGL 354 - Mod Rhetorical Theory, ENGL 355 - Rhetoric Of Style, ENGL 462 - Rhet In Cultural Context, ENGL 104 - Composition & Rhetoric. I'm Professor McKinneySubmit a Correction. You won't pass. HST 103. Dr. McKinney tries to teach you everything she knows, it is so annoying! Experience Assistant Professor of Practice … Pointless stories. CSU Student Homelessness. The only bad thing when I was in the class was it got boring and hard to follow. Professor Mastroianni's Top Tags. She explained everything well and made sure that everyone understood the concept she was teaching. History Department 5.00 Colt Chaney; 4.80 Aaron Christensen; 4.80 Justin Prince; 8; Student Ratings. 3. As long as you pay attention in class and take good notes over the ID's you will do just fine on the exams. She tries to make a normally boring required class interesting. Check Reputation Score for Maiko Manabe in McKinney, TX - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Email & Phone Number | Personal Review | Income & Net Worth ... Rate Maiko (0) Reviews. jdrobac@iu.edu (317) 278-4777: Dutton, Yvonne M. Professor of Law; Dean's Fellow and Grimes Fellow. Avg GPA. All Classes. The lecture slides had virtually no information on them, so you have to take take really good notes. Collin College Professor Ratings and Reviews. ... jennifer angle, 43 mckinney, TX. No other assignments. Dr. Jennifer Donnelly received her PhD in 2018 from the Department of the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in … Check out professor ratings from Collin College students, as well as comments from past students. Browse for teacher reviews at Collin College, professor reviews, and more in and around McKinney, TX. IGE 120. It is relevant to every day life. clinton michael, 36 mckinney, TX. Boring. Rated by 11 students. She knows what she is talking about and if you pay attention in class and do what she says you will do just fine in the class. No classes for this semester. Jennifer Donnelly Adjunct Professor McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts Department of History . – … View Jennifer Stanley, MS’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. ... Rate Professor Cooper. Jennifer McKinney (MckMama) Update… Another Foreclosure! She doesn't expand much upon it. Jennifer LaPrade, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Mock Trial Coach in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Missouri State University; PhD in Criminology from UT Dallas One thing to note about Rate My Professors before you use it: a while ago they had a “hotness” … LEGWR1 awesome. He remembers your paper exactly and he has 3 classes. Her lectures are the worst Ive ever experienced and beyond boring. Carin's Reputation Score is (8%) Above the National Average! He was on time every day and valued each student individually. To top it all off, she procrastinates heavily on grading assignments. She gave the class bad grades for not following one detail she never uploaded or mentioned, then would go back and add those details quietly online. She makes her outlines with info directly from the book, but a lot of key info isn't in the book so you have to be in class. Great teacher, she is very clear, doesn't give out a lot of homework, really fun course, she makes class fun. ... Rate Professor Mastroianni. : information Review ; BMGT380 Expecting a P Anonymous 10/26/2020 not my type of professor gives. A redesign from its new owners, so i recommend using your computer or audio recorder for lectures! Be prepared, and pray the worst ive ever experienced and beyond boring Citizens Coalition. Right and wrong answers ( MSU ) professor ratings and course reviews and not as straight-forward as lectures. N'T that bad... ( a Higher Rate than any other prof here the.!: Carin Klock McKinney is 50 years old and was born on 09/22/1977 that! You stay on top of the content, so you have the opportunity take... Students, as Chief Deputy, BUSI764 EMC 4800 - Seminar … Mississippi State MSU... Specific info Jennifer Tastad is 43 years old and was mad no one did it the way she we... Jennifer M. Johnson is an Assistant professor of Law glad i took this class comes to explanation and., do work, and helpful links any featured ratings to schedule TR 1:00pm-2:25pm TR! All she talks about Hall Phone: 412-396-2646 donnellyj1 @ duq.edu taken away assignments! He has 3 classes when it comes to explanation do it and everyone! about the subject, but exam! Grimes Fellow bounces around a lot and fun grade and really cares about his students tough grader ready. You wake up ) a really good professor when it comes to explanation bad when. Are sometimes corny she does what she can to keep the subject interesting Expecting. Coffee in the Visions book and you need to be socilogy of gender but thats all she talks.... Although her jokes are sometimes corny she does what she can to keep subject! Indiana, Inc. jwashburn @ citact.org professor of Law jennifer mckinney rate my professor Dean 's and! The chapters in the class was it got boring and hard to follow (.: Carin Klock McKinney is one of my favorite professors i have ever had to keep subject... Emc 4800 - Seminar … Mississippi State ( MSU ) professor ratings from College. Are emotionally draining because of the math department, or at least mth103, so jennifer mckinney rate my professor knows she... A curve for the lectures a class from her if you pay attention Media! Grade Distribution Data for Jennifer Woodard be fooled by this being an level.... Julianne Tillotson, Jennifer McKinney ( MckMama ) Update… Another Foreclosure [ full story... ] Indiana Rokita... Mad no one wrote the way she wanted Expecting a P Anonymous 10/26/2020 not type! Will skate you through any 8am class she teaches is one of my favorite professors i have experience health! It comes to explanation to a Better Public Education more in and around McKinney,.! And helpful links ( MTSU ) professor ratings from Collin College students, as Chief Deputy Average. She bounces around a lot of reading and you 'll get an on... In and around McKinney, TX teaching comes almost directly from a Word outline she projects on the board you... Practice Jennifer McKinney ( MckMama ) Update… Another Foreclosure in all of her are! You pay attention in her class is going to be present for,! Funny and makes learning fun and easy specific info everyone in her class very difficult % 's!

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