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moissanite vs diamond reddit

There are no ethical problems surrounding Moissanite like the Blood Diamonds in Africa, etc. Resale is a non-issue because I’m never going to sell my engagement ring (although I hear diamonds don’t have great resale anyway so maybe that’s an irrelevant point). Also, people should think outside the box more. level 2. Report Save. Now I am thoroughly confused. When exposing to sunlight, you may find it emits rainbow-like disco ball effect light on the surface. If I did go that moissanite route, it would be a believable ring. My husband proposed without a ring, and I really loved the process of selecting the ring together. In fact, she may prefer a different stone (e.g., sapphire) altogether. A synthetic moissanite has more fire and less brilliance, than a mined or man-made diamond. save. I work at a well known auction house in the jewelry department, and one thing I can tell you for sure about diamonds vs moissanite is that a diamond (if in your budget) will better hold its value than a moissanite. share. Contact MoissaniteCo. As in "I love it, but it's not a diamond. Diamond vs. Moissanite: Brilliance. Joined Jan 30, 2014 Messages 85. Visually the biggest difference between a moissanite and a diamond is that a moissanite has more fire than a diamond (rainbow flashes of light). I can send you pics if you’re curious about what it looks like. User account menu. I really want it to sparkle. share. Even though my own tests confirm their findings, sometimes I just like to get confirmation for myself. But if your heart isn’t completely set on one, moissanite is a great option!! I will think about that too! Wiki Index Vendor/Supplier List FAQ Jewelry Compilation. Your experience ordering your moissanite ring or gemstones should be brilliant & beautiful. That is worth a thought too. Say, 5 or ten year anniversary? In the 6H form, moissanite’s refractive index is 0.313. Gemstones are measured on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which assesses a gem’s ability to withstand surface scratching. Hey everyone! Design your dream ring. report. Original Poster 2 years ago. I am unsure that this is the correct place for this subject, please tell me where to go if not. This isn't any insult to you, but that is mostly attributed to the market share Dabeers has and the control the have within the industry. Some people just really want a diamond, and that’s totally great! Even though my own tests confirm their findings, sometimes I just like to get confirmation for myself. I think before you make the decision based off of reviews on paper, you need to see them in person. Moissanite Vs. Diamond. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thank you for the thought on resale value and longevity! Thank you for sharing. I went to see them in person and decided I wanted to pass it off as a diamond due to the affordable price tag. I have always wanted a princess cut solitaire engagement ring and my boyfriend and I are at the point that we are looking at rings. A quick search online at the time of writing revealed that an average 1 carat diamond costs upwards of $4000, with the average cost of a diamond engagement ring being $5000. The prongs catch on things and scratch delicate baby cheeks. Diamond vs. moissanite baguettes - Klass or Shubach? card. History will tell you the truth. Re: Pix: Moissanite, Asha & Signity Is it just me, or does the center of the Signity looks dead? The price of a moissanite is based on the size of the stone (in millimeters) and diamonds are priced on their weight (in carats) and a few other factors (but the weight is the biggest factor). But that’s just because I’m a teeny bit of a crazy perfectionist about that kind of thing. In stones under 5 mm (aprox .50 carat), this isn't that noticeable, but the bigger the stone gets, the more noticeable the fire is. The strong fire and play of colour gives a moissanite its appearance that some may appreciate. Despite their beauty, diamonds fall short of moissanite’s value and sparkle every time. May 28, 2005 #1. It's gorgeous, it was my 10 year anniversary gift last year and I wear it as my wedding band. The sparkle is off the charts and I got everything I could’ve ever wanted in a ring and more! Our most diamond-like round is the NEO diamond cut, the cut was developed to minimize light dispersion, which cuts down on the disco-ball effect that some don’t like in other brands of moissanite. I got a traditional e-ring and complementing band. Sort by. I used to be team Moissy till I did more research. I think it’s really going to come down to your personal preference on the appearance more than anything. my subreddits. La moissanite est principalement produite en laboratoire. Of course, the carat size has a direct impact on the price too. Moissanite vs diamond: Price. Log In Sign Up. Press J to jump to the feed. So true about the diamond size comment! Many outsiders, listening to others saying that Moissanite stone is a fake diamond, Moissanite stone is not as clear as the diamond, so do not buy. It makes sense that a diamond, which compatibly is $3,000+ is able to be resold. Luxury. MOISSANITE STONES. I agree that it's better to get NOT A DIAMOND than ALMOST A DIAMOND. I'm working with Mona on a custom ring, but I can't decide on moissanite vs lab diamond melee. You make a good point and offer a side of explanation that I hadn't thought of. Because of this exceptional score, diamonds are very durable and ideal for everyday wear. You could also upgrade to a diamond when it's more affordable to you. Is that unfair? This moissanite engagement ring setting features a channel set design with 0.25 ct of round brilliant Moissanite side stones, set in 14k gold or platinum. Their Price: Diamonds vs Moissanites **It is difficult to compare the pricing of these two stone types because their price is established in different ways. best. Moissanite vs Lab Diamonds. Learn more about Moissanite here. The refractive index of moissanite and diamond are about 10% different of each other, so the faceting angles really don't need to be drastically different. I went with moissanite because I think it’s truly better than diamonds (not everyone thinks that and that’s fine, nothing against diamonds, I just like the look of moissanite better), and I couldn’t be happier with it!! I am sure there is probably a wait but I know her loose stone was posted on IG If you want the moissanite part, scroll down to Now Moissanite!! Choosing moissanite will mean significant savings. LOOSE STONES . Rising. Just a different perspective. UK … Advantages of Moissanite . report. Is clear to all that it's not a diamond so you might avoid that asterisk diamondealer mentioned (which was a concern for me also). British Craftsmanship & 0% Interest. BF doesn’t like the idea of diamonds due to the commercialization, cost, etc, but I am super stuck on diamonds just because we always growing up wanting the nice diamond ring. On the Mohs scale, moissanite scores a 9.25, a very good score that makes it one of the hardest substances on earth, and very suitable for everyday wear as an engagement ring. Thanks 0 comments. Sort by. … Charles & Colvard also offer options for those looking for slight color in their gemstones. Moissanite Diamond; durability. Beautifully crafted and unique jewelry. In stones under 5 mm (aprox.50 carat), this isn't that noticeable, but the bigger the stone gets, the more noticeable the fire is. Hot New Top. I think the pros and cons of both truly depend on the person, so you’ll have to weigh the benefits of each for yourself and decide what is more important! They are found in kimberlite deposits which are not difficult to find, but the market is very heavily controlled, and because of that, the price of diamonds is artificially inflated far beyond actual worth. Moissanite has several qualitites in common with diamond: it is transparent, extremely hard (9.25 on the Mohs scale, compared to 10 for diamond), and has a high index of refraction (2.65 – 2.69, compared to 2.42 for diamond). I also want to get a matching band with the same stone. IMO diamonds are not prettier than moissanite. And maybe that's true. You make great points I will keep in mind, I am interested to see what others say. Another plus for diamonds in the morganite vs diamond battle is the fact that diamonds go with anything. When comparing moissanite vs diamond, moissanite is the clear winner in the price category. save. The light which reflects back on the table is referred as brilliance. Moissanite vs diamond side by side comparison. I’ve never been one to take the word of science as the be all and end all. variety of silicon carbide. Thread starter baileydare16; Start date Mar 2, 2019; B. baileydare16 Shiny_Rock. There are lots of us out here that think diamonds are over rated and prefer something else. Whether you wear it only on special occasions or daily, they’re suitable for anything. Jul 31, 2016 #15. The world’s first Moissanite was sold by Charles & Colvard in the United States in 1996. So, I would recommend staying within whatever budget makes you comfortable, but getting a natural diamond. Since you are in the Diamond business, do you recommend anything for my situation? Joined Feb 7, 2019 Messages 145. Moissanite vs. Diamond. Thread starter Andyvette; Start date May 28, 2005; A. Andyvette Smitten. There is no doubt that regardless of their quality, moissanite gemstones are much cheaper compared to diamonds. GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael tests both Diamonds and Moissanite with 3 different hand held Diamond Tester. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Yet when I only wear my wedding ring, it is too thin to look good. And if she does, it’s very subtle. This gave me a huge smile, and the exact thing I was thinking when I originally contemplated it and from what I have seen they are beautiful. New to the board. I still wanted her to have something nice. Moissanite has a high refractive index and is hence much more brilliant as well as iridescent as compared to a diamond. I really don't recommend moissanite, for a simple reason. The patent for Moissanite expires in a month, so you'll probably see a bit of a price drop in the near future! Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man, with a Mohs rating of 10. I can tell the difference 95% of the time though. Wiki: Start here! Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. That I was basically putting price tag on my future relationship and that shouldn't be something I should do... Now I thought I would want to check what you all say. As light strikes the pavilions (the angled surfaces on the lower half of the diamond), it bounces and is refracted up through the diamond’s table (the top, flat surface) to your eye. Moissanite cannot be directly graded on the diamond color chart, however, natural moissanite is comparable to a GIA-certified K-color diamond. **" There will always be an explanation that has to accompany the ring, and over time, that won't sit well with her, or with you. Both Amora Gems and Forever One moissanite score a 0.104, higher than diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald. Moissanites seem to be really popular on this sub so I’m sure you’ll get a ton of positive feedback on those (for good reason! Can anyone give me any advice if they or anyone they know like either over the other? We often receive requests to use moissanite in designs. As a lady myself, I picked out a moissanite ring, I'm not trying to break his bank account, I just want to be with him, diamond or not. It’s a gorgeous stone, is nearly as hard as a diamond, and is a fraction of the cost of diamonds. 1. share. It ended up being a little warm in the center but colorless on each end. There are many reasons why more and more people turning to moissanite, but it seems that most of them are attracted by the price. Obviously, diamonds are a clear symbol of luxury, acknowledged by everybody in the Western society and not only. Visually the biggest difference between a moissanite and a diamond is that a moissanite has more fire than a diamond (rainbow flashes of light). Moissanite is gorgeous too, but I'm a lot more partial to Ashas. SHOP NOW. The thing is, my budget probably is $1000 or less, MAYBE $1500. Moissanite vs Diamond – Gerry’s Personal Tests. Why did you decide Moissanite over other stones including diamond? MOISSANITE VS DIAMOND PRICE. She may or may not care whether the stone is a diamond or moissanite. A 1 carat diamond will usually equal 6.5mm. 76% Upvoted. Is Moissanite a bad option for a ring? Diamond vs Moissanite. Instead of using Carat weight, moissanites are priced on their size in millimeters. We will have been dating for 11 months then. This is an exciting time for the two of you, and a ring is simply the symbolism of everlasting love. Coming from being in the sales type business, I applaud the little pitch you gave there. I’m going to have 2mm stones on my band and I’m not sure if moissy’s or diamonds … Are Moissanites Worth It? Should you have any questions or concerns please email or chat with us today! What is Moissanite? Moissanite vs Diamond – Gerry’s Personal Tests. although it is now possible to manufacture moissanite in factories Diamond’s refractive index of 2.418 is lower than moissanite’s 2.654 to 2.967, which makes moissanite more resplendent, even flashy according to some. I wanted a blue-green American sapphire, and would have considered an equally sized diamond a huge waste of money and resources. Choose your center stone from our large collection of loose Moissanite gemstones. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Earth-Friendly Alternative to Mined Diamonds. My boyfriend and I are looking at Moissanite because of the strength of the... jump to content. Thanks so much!! Diamond VS. Moissanite. Yes. Going to be asking my girlfriend to marry me at some point in the future. They’ll match any type of clothes, occasion, or setting. r/Moissanite: A subreddit to discuss anything even remotely related to moissanite. It is for this reason that moissanite sells in millimeter sizes. My friend's dad works in gemstone industry. However, I wanted to offer a different perspective. Because of the massive differences in value, unethical people can take advantage of moissanite by misrepresenting them as real diamonds. For engagement rings, the durability of the center stone is a critical factor. Moissanite Diamond; durability. How do the mm measurements convert into carats? Hot. This really helps! 50,000 years ago, a meteorite crashed into the earth, scattering fragments of sparkly space particles all over the Arizona desert. Diamond (left) vs Moissanite (right) sparkle (credit: Lauren B) Diamonds vs Moissanite, Color: Both moissanite and diamond can be colorless or near-colorless. A moissanite is double refractive while a diamond is single refractive, adding fire to the appearance of a moissanite. Dispersion in diamond is 0.044, lower than moissanite’s 0.104. Sep 19, 2014 #1. It was a challenge. Lab-grown moissanite is not a diamond substitute, but rather it is an alternative to diamonds. This thread is archived. Get either a Forever Brilliant or Amore Moissanite and you're golden! There are tons of jewelry designers (go local!) I have Moissanite engagement ring for the reasons above. I should've gotten the wedding ring I wanted to wear for the next 80 years and then picked an engagement ring to wear, even if the engagement ring was fake one just to flash around for fun temporarily or then moved to my other hand. If you do decide Moissanite is the way to go, make sure you get a high quality one to assure clarity and no green tinge that is indicative of a lower quality gem. Good to know about the quality warning. Thread starter Made in London; Start date Sep 15, 2020; Made in London Shiny_Rock. Many young couples are willing to spend up to two months’ salary on their ring, thanks to social pressure and media influence. Are you super attached to having a diamond? share. Advantages of Moissanite . I do think that diamonds are waaaayy too expensive, and ended up getting a lab diamond from Brilliant Earth—couldn’t be happier! Consider proposing without a ring, OR with one that is clearly intended to be a placeholder. Moissanite vs Asha vs Lannyte (?) Hot New Top Rising. SHOP NOW. Diamonds are higher on the Mohs hardness scale, yes, but Moissanite is not far behind with a 9.25 (the scale is logarithmic, so that's pretty damn hard). Unlike a diamond, which is made in an explosive process and is highly likely to have inclusions and clarity problems, moissanite is synthesized, and thus, is fundamentally void of clarity and inclusion problems. May 20, 2017 - So I'm getting a lot of conflicting answers when I google for which of these stones is better. Company. The most popular style of diamond sold today is the round brilliant cut. This is the place to share your engagement excitement! Moissanite weighs 15% to 18% less than a diamond of equal size. There is nothing that a diamond does, that Moissanite doesn't do even better: Moissanite has a higher index of refraction and higher dispersion, which means more light and fire in the stone. I’ve been looking into Moissanite vs diamond for an engagement ring and wanted some feedback. What is Moissanite; Moissanite History; Moissanite vs. Diamond; Customer Care. Diamonds are NOT RARE AT ALL. Discovered and named after Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893, moissanite fell to earth in a meteorite. Discord. Moissanite attracts dirt and grease less easily than diamond. What made you choose Moissanite vs Diamond? When you are comparing moissanite vs. diamonds – there is no real comparison. A 1 carat diamond will usually equal 6.5mm. I didn't know the patent expires in a month though... oh well! Which is why I wouldn't be getting a 2+ carat moissanite. This difference in stone density is why the size of Moissanite is typically communicated in mm rather than carats. Thank you! Color. The more of these qualities the better. I had no idea how gorgeous it would be, it exceeded all of my expectations! Moissanite is the most beautiful jewel in the world. The only thing I will say is don't worry about what anyone but your intended thinks. Moissanite r/ Moissanite. If you’re okay with a lower color or lots of inclusions so you can have a big glorious diamond and be able to afford it, go for it! Thank you for your thoughts, interested to see what the rest of Reddit thinks too, but ultimately I am going to do what I feel is right, acceptable, and that I can afford. Some people do Moissy as the main stone with diamond side stones on band- could be an option as well. If you go diamond, I recommend getting close to a carat to save you money and you can tell people whatever you want about the size. Lol, a moissanite out-diamonded diamonds in attributes that were considered “valuable” diamond traits, and now suddenly it looks terrible to have “too much”. Who could replace the stone for you. georgecantstandya wrote: ↑ Sorry to be that guy but this is one of those scenarios where you have to question why people feverously hype up the benefits of a moissanite ring vs. a diamond. Thread starter ChristineRenee5; Start date Sep 19, 2014; C. ChristineRenee5 Curious. Even with a slight difference in hardness, don’t think moissanite isn’t tough. We're the UK's & Europes premium moissanite retailer with a huge collection of rings and proud Assay Assured jewellers. My fiance did his research and got Forever Brilliant. In fact, many feel that classic moissanite’s color is … Thank you for your thoughts though! Charles & Colvard has patented … I need some advice from those of you who have chosen diamond or moissanite and why? I think it's super pretty, and a unique cut. hide. hide. We have estimated a close comparison below. Posted by 11 months ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. On the Mohs scale, moissanite scores a 9.25, a very good score that makes it one of the hardest substances on earth, and very suitable for everyday wear as an engagement ring. I see a circle right in the middle of that stone in all the photos, the Asha looks 1000% more diamond-like! She recommends lab made diamonds over Moissanite because of aging factor. Moissanite Vs. Diamond. One-carat equals 200 milligrams (mm). Moissanite is gorgeous too, but I'm a lot more partial to Ashas. At first I was not fond of the idea of a "fake diamond" then I did research and was intrigued. The price markup between .75 carats and 1 full carat is over 60% compared to .25 to 0.5 so that people can say it's a full carat. I know this lady on reddit got the 2nd oval cut and I think it was the first moissanite cut. Archived. Note: Moissanite weighs approximately 15% less than diamonds. Moissanite vs Diamond. Both Amora Gems and Forever One moissanite achieve a D-E-F rating on the GIA color scale, meaning that both gemstones achieve a colorless appearance. Joined Sep 11, 2020 Messages 391. So really, it’s all about what you and FH want it to look like, then getting whatever that may be to fit within the budget you have by compromising on the stuff that doesn’t matter to you. Most stones will have between 48 and 58 facets. Moissanite vs. Diamond. See what she thinks! Just personal preference. Trying my best to be educated. It’s a round cut, but you’ll at least get an idea of the color, sparkle, etc. If I wore a diamond, those inclusions would haunt me day in and day out haha. Moissanite gemstones are significantly more affordable than mined diamonds. This picture would be my ideal ring. no comments yet. The amount of color a moissanite has depends upon the type of moissanite. May 28, 2005 #1. ), but I went the diamond route so I’ll give my two cents. And one unusual benefit is that they are “oil adverse” in so much as they stay sparkly better and easier than diamonds! Similar to moissanite. Diamonds are the hardest known mineral and receive a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. First of all, cost is a factor for EVERYONE. If you want a bigger moissanite and are okay with it not being what society considers traditional, go for it! Maybe it will be a bit smaller, maybe not perfect quality, but it will be free of *. *Color grades are based on the Gemological Institute of America’s color grading scale. MOISSANITE: DIAMOND: Brilliance & Fire: It creates extraordinary brightness & fire compare to diamonds. I never considered those factors. HELP*** moissanite vs diamonds PROS and CONS. Classic moissanite (the first moissanite that man created) is not colorless. I think the thing that excited me most about moissanite is that it never has inclusions. Every time you our your wife tells people about her ring, the details will end with *. A popular place to share rings so feel free to share wedding bands or your engagement ring even if you've been engaged for years. I want at least a Carat ring since it’s a single stone but the prices of diamonds are so expensive. Sep 15, 2020 #1 Hi,this is my first post on the lovely PriceScope forum.It is more of a question really. 100% Upvoted. First, Moissanite is much less expensive than a diamond. Close. Lily Arkwright specialise in moissanite, lab diamond & precious gemstone engagement rings in a wide variety of popular metal. A lot of people like that moissanite is more sparkly, but I wasn’t really a fan of the greater amount of fire (colored/rainbow sparkle) that moissanite has. I've sold engagement rings for $2,000, and for $500,000, and every client I've ever had cared about the cost. I need some help. SHOP NOW. Sep 19, 2014 #1. Secondly, moissanite is more refractive than a diamond as mentioned above, which gives it more fire and sparkle. Conflict-Free and Ethically-Sourced. Give her your budget and let her choose what she wants. It would be less likely to be used as an heirloom. Try to find out what she likes, her favorite colors, whether she cares about diamonds or not, and go from there. Ask to marry her sans ring and then shop for a ring together. It's an asterisk. I should have said something to the friend when she went off, because I completely agree. I probably wouldn't do pink as she is girly, but not a huge pink person. I have heard (but not researched extensively) that moissanite is not as durable? Moissanite is Second to Diamond in Terms of Hardness Another benefit of moissanite is that it comes in second only to diamonds on the hardness scale – surpassing other gemstones including ruby, sapphire and emeralds.

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