23 Jan 2021
January 23, 2021

my ex contacted me after 15 years

I am confused. Luckily, he got it … I don’t think it helped the situation. I was so devastated that I left the country to try to get over her. A woman will move on with another relationship, but if she knows you’re whimpering in a corner crying because she’s gone, she will play your ass like an Ace and a King. “Hey know u don’t want me to bother u but I had a bad wreck but I am ok car is trashed” I dont know what to say to her… I loved her and always will but sometimes you gotta let things die… I am not saying she is trying to work things out but if she is, should I even attempt to hear her out? That doesn’t mean that you should blindly accept anything life or God throws at you – sometimes you need to fight. Well now he has this new girlfriend and I mean, she’s hot, but to me, like his ex, she’s just another dismount socal white bonnie that isn’t going to college. Why start on a journey that leads to a destination of putting you further behind in the End? That really put a smile on my face even though I still gave him a little attitude about it--i'm very proud of him for manning up and reaching out to me for that. The ex does not know my situation he is not married and hasn’t been for years. And if I would ever contact her.it would be to warn her of hoe verbally abusive he is and the fact that he didn’t respond to my scare. But this advice shouldn’t be limited to just a “move on with your life” solution. It includes everything you ever wanted to know about getting over your ex and moving on with your life. I’m going to a uc and relatively articulate when I’m not internet ranting over a jackass that doesn’t care about me. Ignore them. i then got a text from him at 6am. This clears the air for many guys searching for this, Pingback: ex girlfriend contacts you | My Ex Boyfriend, I realise no comments have been left for a while but i thought id share my story. He called her a whore for her cheating and seemed to be over chicks like that, but then jumps straight into dating a girl that degrades herself by posting raunchy pics of herself up and sells sunglasses for a living? Love Doctor, my ex broke up with me 9 months ago. Now 3 months passed after break up. I deleted his number and everything! At first, I had no idea who it was from, thats how long ago it was that I last talked to him! When girl is having low interest level they tend to confuse u by back and forth games, but then they just leave. If you’re unhappy that’s your problem. They’ve broken up with you yet now they are contacting you? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This isn’t about my ex. Before I could do that I just felt sick to my stomach. I’m sorry that you got caught up with such a rotten girl. I was devastated. I love my current boyfriend but I have anger and animosity towards my ex because he jumped into another relationship no struggle and I can tell that he treats her well. You sound like a really sweet guy so don’t read this and go thinking that its something that YOU did. In our 20s we were on/off for about 3 years & during one of those off times she met someone else & ultimately got married. People change, people grow, and if you love each other you will make it possible. Member since ... my high school love contacted me after a few years of not talking to one another. Just as many people reunite after 10 years apart (which could still be in their twenties) as 40 years apart. HIGH PRIEST TOKUBO IS MAN OF TRUSTED BECAUSE HE GRANTED MY HEART DESIRE AS HE PROMISED, HIS EMAIL ADDRESS IS BEEN ATTACHED TO MY POST HE IS READY TO HELP EVERYONE NEEDED HIS HELP HIS EAMIL ADDRESS… ((highpriesttokubo @gmail . The response right above me has no idea what they’re talking about. You may even have a slight smirk on your face. And he emotionally abused me without realizing it. Make a daily plan to keep busy 2. So is this. That was 20 years ago. Is that why I got a response?! So this weird guy and I completely break things off in a shitty way. Was I just a rebound from his also tatted up skanky ex? Anyways, over the summer I get and sfd scare but it just wound up being bv, thank god! Maybe I have already moved on. Mistakes were made by both of us, Broke up for good one summer, she began dating, then married someone whom I suspected she was cheating on me with. Back to my story, he gets pissed because I’m over him and decided to get back with my ex because he apologized and promised to treat me better even after I told him about the other guy. It happened a few times, I guess I leave a lasting impression... Ive once came back together with an ex after 4 years... it was fairly akward,and in the end it did not last long. It was short but nice. Here is what to do when you are ghosted by a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m happy to give it back to you. Don’t try to figure out why she did it – you can’t. I want to see him again and he me but the miles keep us apart. Maybe I am kind of in the greyland. This is the email from Rosalia: “Hi Alex, just got to the office today and there was an email from out-of-the-blue from my Ex boyfriend who’d dumped me for another woman almost 10 years ago. -You stopped texting her and she misses the attention. It’s been more than 7 months since we broke up and we both know that we can’t be together. After a while I just stopped. My ex had these things to say to me after our relationship had ended over five years earlier. Getting back with an ex after years apart is possible but you must first be able to talk to that person; not a just sporadic conversation here of there. You were in fact thinking of the two ideas that I had mentioned above but your ex is getting back in touch with you for sincere reasons. We were deeply in love, the kind that comes only once in a lifetime. I really loved her, she had bad family issues… her mom was in car accident and her dad was a dead beat ON TOP of being a Crossdresser/Transexual…. Now my ex hates me. It’s so hard to not contact and just act as if the person doesn’t exist anymore, it’s such a terrible feeling, especially when you have no ill feelings towards the opposite person. OVER NINE MONTHS HE REFUSED TO COME BACK HOME, AND I DID EVERYTHING JUST TO GET HIM BACK BECAUSE I WANT MY KIDS TO LIVE HAPPY FAMILY. And don’t start flirting too much, either. Reconnecting with an ex after the breakup takes time. Should I contact him? I called my ex after he messages me after 10 months saying that he missed me,when I called I didn't get any response so I hung up. Maybe she was struck by the thought that you were sick, maybe she missed you, maybe she felt alone or maybe she had an abundance of energy and had to use it on something… and the list goes on. Its about my self image. Be honest. Third, I know what you’re saying is true. Especially relationships that ended oddly, such as both of us just stopped communicating one day. the apology is one thing, sometimes an ex may want closure and genuinely realise how badly they treated u and want to say sorry. You don’t want to send the wrong signals, do you? this happened once then he switched on me again and left. i just dont understand why she wants to do this to me. Don’t even waste your time if the relationships had good memories it wouldn’t have ended so don’t waste your time what do they want who gives a shit if they done u wrong don’t wast time in.a phone call I going threw same thing and I’m done just don’t fail in your self there clearly unhappy and about the power thing if that’s what people gain it’s a joke and hurtful feeling get hurt just be done. She has just contacted me out of the blue 3yrs later says she was thinking slot about me and she’s married now,she was hesitant when I asked if she was happy,she lives in Sydney I’m on the coast instill always think about her and wat if,but she’s married now am I over analyzing she misses talking to me and I her.confused big time she just told me she told her husband she rang me too. I think I just found a guy who was able to beat me down with simple statements like, “There are bigger better fish out there in the sea.” Yeah, there are, MY BOYFRIEND. I am 15 years younger than his ... Why ?! Get involved in voluntary work 5. I was lucky to have her in the first place and even though it ended badly, I don’t regret being with her at the start. Reply its inappropriate and unfair. i think it is good advice actually. An ex may come back even when they are not sure of your relationship status. Then a month after that her and I started dating. It was so infuriating that I was cranky for a couple of weeks. You would already know the answer. Sadly the man I’m in love with …seems to need to be in several things at once to make him feel good about himself ??? i agree with tony if the person is worth a secunt chance that give it to them we are human we make mistake every day if it worth to tray againg that tray. second one came to my door after a year of no talking..to apologize. he also said he wanted to say sorry but didn’t know how and wanted to make a gesture. Obviously , things did not work out between them and now H was trying to get back together with me. once she comes back in i start feeling like i am so close and then desperation sets in when i think she has found my full time replacement. We’re over-analyzing things. And though my ex isn’t loaded, he and his family like to live like they are (country club, BMW/MERCEDES VEHICLES, YET TAKING OUT LOANS FOR SCHOOL). How To Respond To An Ex Reaching Out After Months Of Silence. She I ignore her or will ignoring her make her try to contact me more? we live in different states we talk about meeting. She confessed that her first operation as a kidnapper started with her ex-boyfriend who refused to marry her after years of courtship. Well i broke up with my ex and after a few months she contacted me and wanted us to at least stay in contact and ironically we became real good friends after a few months similar to how it sorta was before we started to date in the first place. it was so out of the blue. I concentrated on my studies . So she would always turn her phone to silent at night and I could see it going off at night when she was sleeping.. so I looked at her phone and this guy thats a “friend” would text her at 12 at night saying.. what are u doing? Be what you are — The Man. And when analyzing something, especially when it comes to an (ex) girlfriend, there’s a tendency to go way overboard with it. Not some bullshit “Maybe / I think” stuff, no. In your case, once you broke up, there is no “our current” situation. ... May 15, 2017 at 12:12 pm. she hugged me along hug and left her after but I saw her crying . She asked me how close I was to my wife... conversation got a little weird at that point. She didn’t answer my last email and we’re not talking again. I really want to be with this girl and this is the first time she has told me she miss me but I think if I try talking to her about things again she’s going to back off again but Idk? I’m from California so I’ve experienced it, but I’ve never actually DATED it. Just I want the scarf back.). Its up to two people in a relationship to communicate at work things out. i Emailed Robinson.buckler when my boyfriend departed from me. It isn’t. eventually i ask too many questions about what she is doing and who she is seeing when before she decided to shake me up and contact me i was not thinking about that and accepting that there was nothing i could do. I am not sure if that means anything but I do know hiw wife is chinese and very very controlling. The key is to know your worth more, and deserve a better relationship. We have been together for 6 years, and have 2 kids. One of my ex's contacted me via facebook too this week. I asked him ” why couldn’t you just take it seriously? If the love was there once, then it can be there again — gold doesn’t become anything else if it’s dipped in mud. I never thought anything of it at all for several years in fact until he told me he didn't love me anymore and had been chatting online to her and was going back to her.. i told him to stop. Go fuck yourself!” I was livid because he had also told me, for no fucking reason, “I just want to forget you.” Um. so I have been dated my ex-girlfriend for almost 3 years and we were so happy and calling to each other for more than 4 times a day because she lives 2 hours from me .so she called me one day and told me that she love me ,miss me and want to see me soon but Suddenly she called me a day after and she said that she want to take a break for a month because of her mom . And remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, as you will see in life, if people have to work for something, it’s value to them increases. The focus of the blog is dating and relationships in a modern world context where man and technology is inseparable, our choice is greater than ever and the world is seemingly complex. And she was like no.. I let on (indirectly but enough) that I missed her. It creates so much confusion because your ex’s actions are conflicting. Be honest with her, and be honest with yourself. I'm married with 2 more kids now, and he knows that. we have been on many holidays, rented together for a year, spent so much time together, had names for our children, bought a kitten together. In my specific case, one day, seemingly out of the blue, MY EX of 10 YEARS broke up with me and kicked me out of our home of 8 years that we shared ... (As in my case a guy ghosted me, contacted me after a year and apologized, then promptly asked if I want to be f*ck buddies- kid you not.) Pappa means passing on genes! He told me on my second day there that he had not had sex in over 15 years and has lost the desire to have sex but is working on it. She’ll do it again because obviously you don’t mean that much to her as she does to you. “Hope you are well,”. After 5 years last night my ex gf suddenly contact me and now behaves like nothing happened in past between us. It was my first real girlfriend and we were both, supposedly, virgins. Then at the beginning of the 4th year , she broke up with me suddenly. It is hard to know how to act when you meet someone you once had a relationship with. I also think that my reluctance to marry at the time was also a factor. Well, I have a current GF, and we have been off and on recently, but we have a child together. if he doesn’t want it then all i can do is accept his apology n move on. Am I crazy for having these feelings? Even though It was a painful experience, I know that it was a hard decision for her to leave and that she really needed to get this other guy out of her system. i don't have feelings for her, but i just didn't see the point in trying to re-make a friendship together. Quit being insecure and work on your self confidence. my high school love contacted me after a few years of not talking to one another. Similar situation...ex (the one that got away) contacted after appx 15 years. I was The One. each time, i have started out cool, but within days i am love sick for her again and laying all my cards on the table begging her to take me back. From time to time, if I see something that reminds me of an inside joke with my ex, I might snap a picture and send it to them. There are alot of people who have broken up and gotten back together again and have been stronger than ever. Well, when someone takes the decision to breakup with you for good, they usually try to keep things very business-like. I google-stalked him now and then, even. Do not keep tabs on your ex . Especially if you were with a narcisistic ex. It lasted three years and ended very painfully for me. And in his eyes I’m just a poor mexican girl from the central valley. Patrcia_Cakez. I guess She was reminiscing… But to break the silence, knowing there would be so much weight to the words she spoke in the message. I will say it was worth it. Thanks! There were obviously feelings still there because we flirted with each other and reminisced. Let me tell you about my experience with the ex I was still hung up on after a decade. I've just ignored him. After a few months he would just leave in the morning to go to work and just walk out the door sometimes just saying see ya. he continued asking me questions. Learn. He didn't contacted me. Grieve. anywayzz Her mom was a pill head and they were always moving around and I helped them move several times they went from apts to motel to a trailer park, to a homeless shelter… at this point my family stepped in and she lived with my grandmother for a while because I felt some amount of resposibility to take care of my GF, we had been dating for several years by then.. My grandmother had to move with her son cause her property was basically stolen from her and my GF came to live with me… She is one of those who needs attention and she was flirtatious with guys at school etc… I would always be weary of this and this did not help the relationship at all… she admittedly kinda dated other guys at school…. the conversations are brief. I am no one, and she Is an ocean. His apology. However, I still do have feelings for her and it gets hard at times but oh well, can't really runaway now because she pretty much said she's not letting me go. I was terribly attracted to him but was too scared to say hi because my husband was with me and also because of the guilt of dropping the ex boyfriend like a hot potato 30 years ago. HOUSE MD: People don’t change; fundamentally I agree, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VLTPKKt-pMs, Please help me dated for 3.5 yrs went on 4 months holiday recived a break up email half way into my holiday. I do think she loved me, I think she had a hard family life and was confused because she was young and wanted to run wild a little since she felt like we were “married” I guess she thought she was too young for that… idk just wondering if I can get some thoughts on the matter. And if so, then why still torment you by keeping in contact with you, right? This is just her defense mechanism, she is just not able to let you go NOW, but time will come when she is emotionally ready to leave you for ever and then ur dead in the water, so before that situation arises make everything clear, and stand up like a man, dont be confused with a confused girl. It would have been a nuisance to them. This girl has been a life-long love of mine (from high school on), and I hope that we somehow end up together, while realizing that it probably wouldn’t work. With all due respect, I think that the above is mostly terrible advice, and probably only applicable to people who’ve not been dating or in a relationship for very long. I totally agree with you some of this advice is so fukkkkkn negative. My ex left me and went off with someone else a couple of years ago. It is perhaps twisted, but I do not hold this against her-Feelings are weird, having connections with multiple people is within possibility. Does she want to get back together? I’ve had ex-girlfriends try it and although I didn’t ignore them, I also won’t play ball…..it didn’t work before – why would it now? It actually says that whatever happens, it’s for the best. He was my first love, it ended badly, I always blamed myself, I obsessed and pined and yadda yadda. I’m in the same position as you, three short but still kinda long of it is. So just few days ago my ex boyfriend who happened to be my first love added me on facebook. Dated for 6 yrs-through high school and college. He checked my email at 200 am and the last few times i emailed him it was the middle of the night, so its when she is sleeping. I always assumed that he treated me like that because his ex emotionally abused him. She too is hesitant when asked if she is happy. Heal up first and then start dating. it was easy because she was out of my life and out of my mind. You will never know, and it really doesn’t matter. Perhaps I am not over her yet. What’s the deal with that?! Lately I realize I left him and it was because my dad died of cancer not because I didnt love him so i left to be with family. It was really rough esp for the first 3 months. PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE I AM CONFUSED IF SHE STILL LOVE AND WHAT SHOULD I DO HELP THIS relationship. Just because your ex hasn't unfollowed you, ... Stephanie Seymour's son Harry Brant dies at age 24 of accidental drug overdose after years … I guess in my case, I would be Rob. I’m just deciding how to play it from here. A few months later her friend and I broke up. Alyssa, I don’t think there is anything to explain except that you dated a loser and your being insecure about him jumping to another girl so soon. I’d say there are two scenarios with this and acknowledge that more than that could be set out and/or correct but: 1. Welcome to Just Keep The Change – a blog focusing on making every man a better man. move on and find a girl who is not confused, save ur self from heart break because eventually after all this confusing shit she will drop u, so stand up to her and say, if she wants relationship, she can come, but no then its done deal, no going back, give her ultimatum, if she loved u she would not have been confused. then at just the right time another text will come in and it repeats. Declutter and clean my home 3. back up plan. February 16, 2017 at 9:07 pm. I feel like he’s not over me. He responded right away and we sent texts for two weeks before we eventually decided to meet in person. If the conversation drags on, simply tell her that you have to go. Whatever my situation may be, the phone rings: it’s her. I broke up with my first girlfriend almost 3 months ago, and while I know it was what we both needed, it still hasn’t been easy. So let her go. i have been talking to an ex on a social network for about 8 months now. One thing that’s made it more difficult than necessary is that we work at the same place, live in the same small town, and have many of the same friends…definitely a bummer. she told me he had been ’emotional’ when she said she was meeting me. Your stomach drops, your heart starts beating faster, your palms get sweaty. I’d say, leave the door open for a way back to your ex. But since my last split I havent spoken to her for nearly 4 months. i have had this happen not just once but twice. If you are trying to … By using the no contact rule, you prevent your ex from getting practice at rejecting you. 30 days is the minimum amount of time you should maintain no contact. So this week she text me 4 times.. once in the morning before work just to ask me if I was on the same street as her that day and I wasn’t, then 2 days later she text me asking how my sister was? Our stories are a little different, but so similar in many ways. Thing is, my instinct was to ignore her when she txtd me after a couple of years, but it felt so passive-aggressive. STILL NOT APPROPRIATE, I KNOW. For any man out there, never let a woman play you, via mind or body. H looked good as usual but when I saw her I felt nothing . Really sad because he is so handsome, smart, funny, and incredible..and as a woman I will say, I recently hear some very interesting things that totally changed everything I’d thought I learned about relationships around….you poor guys too much of the time are smothered by a woman who has been taught all her live to dote over you…and you men label her as needy..and push her away, One would think after humanity has been at this for so long …we would have got it by now… so sad…from one who is finally learning this at 50 something ;(. So for about the last 3 weeks I have not been texting her. I tried bargaining with her , asking in what ways I could change . Hearing her voice broke my heart a little bit. I was stupid and broke it off, and broke … I caught him looking at me from the top floor balcony from our school library. then i met his sister for lunch as were friends still. Unanticipated, unasked, over five years later.

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